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Jun. 12th, 2011 | 07:47 am

i'm glad to say i've reached another pinnacle in life.
maybe some of the best days in my life i cannot describe.
all it took was believing in myself and my capabilities.
the mantra 'you can rely on me".
i may be quite in love eventhough i dont want to?
cause hurt is right around the corner?
you know, though i guess i'll ride it.
you dont own anything,
and you don't have the universe in your palm for real.
though what i wish to say in my most sacred space is that i love everyone of you.
you dont know the love,
and you dont know the craziness.
i wish i could be in this week and moment forever.
though i know it may go shit along the days ahead.
anyway i say go for it: do it.
aim for love and aim for the impossible.
so do it and be happy cause nothing really matters.
though when you live and strive,
life becomes that much better.

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